Toenail Fungus Tea Tree Oil Remedies – Know Your Toenail Fungus Tea Tree Oil Cure Options


Have you ever had someone tell you about toenail fungus tea tree oil? If you have never heard a story from someone about how they used this magical oil to treat their fungal nail infections let me tell you about it. It is a well known and popular natural healing substance that works great as a fungal treatment and many other conditions.

Tea tree oil for fungus is harvested from an Australian tree most people call the tea tree. It is believed to have powers to wipe out certain types of viruses, fungi and bacteria. It has been proven effective in the battle against nail fungus and is an accepted method of treatment but not yet a mainstream prescription medication.

Online homeopathic and alternative medicine retailers are currently your best source for this treatment for fungus infections. Specific blends for nail fungus usually contain other effective oils in addition to tea tree oil in an effort to increase effectiveness of the treatment of nail fungus and it’s various symptoms. Other non-prescription treatments like tea tree oil toenail fungus treatment are dimethylsulfoxide and vasoline in a 1:1 mixture, Vicks VapoRub, iodine and drinking apple cider vinegar. No scientific studies have proven these effective but they are common home remedies.

To be sure you are diagnosed correctly you should visit your doctor before you start using any remedy like fungus treatment. If your toe nails and finger nails have started to be thicker, discolored or deformed it may be caused by other things than fungus. Such as, bacterial growth, various skin conditions or even an injury. Just be sure before you spend money on any remedy you are really dealing with nail fungus.

If you and your doctor have confirmed you have a fungus through a lab test or other method then this remedy is well worth trying. Your doctor should be able to provide your prescription drug options including costs and side effects they may have when treating toenail fungus. In addition they can give you a good estimate of your chances of quick recovery when using various treatments.

Important – be sure you’re armed with all the information about your treatment options including toenail fungus tea tree oil.

Source by Shawn McKenzie

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