Weight Loss Body Wraps


Weight loss body wraps have been all the craze this year. But, you’re probably wondering if its really possible if they could work? How could body wraps enable you burn fat and lose weight? Sounds impossible, but read on to find out how.

The Science Behind Weight Loss Body Wraps

Weight loss body wraps enable a variety of processes which facilitate both inch loss and the ability to better metabolize fat.

The first process is called lymphatic drainage. This process is also incited during some types of special massage. During this process, the interstitial fluids (lymph) in your fat cells, is allowed to move freely and transports your fatty acids and toxins out of your body as waste. These fluids contain harmful impurities which your body has stored from the processed foods we eat and the air we breathe. Losing these fluids will allow you to lose inches immediately.

The second process is called lipolysis. This is the huge one. Most body wraps that you find on the internet and such, will not stimulate lipolysis. This is what identifies a true weight loss body wrap. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat stored in your fat cells! By breaking down this fat, and stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation, your fatty acids are carried out of your body as waste.

The third process is called micro-circulation. This is basically the blood flow through your tiniest of capillaries. The active state of this process is critical for weight loss body wrap to truly enable weight loss. Your fat cells are engrossed with miles of capillaries and for your fat cells to expel waste and toxins properly, your capillaries must be stimulated to circulate blood appropriately.

Source by Christopher Heffron

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